Big Girl Panties Blog

okay, so here goes.
this is the place to talk about what you don’t like, what irks you, what you’d like to change, transform, replicate, re-do. this is where you get to bitch moan scream holler, STAND UP sit down, say NO, SAY YES. fuck off. be brave, tell someone off. throw someone a kiss. leave your mark. say grace. send a prayer. BE BOLD AUDACIOUS SPEAK YOUR MIND.
this is the place to do it. all the things that drive you crazy, mad … give you headaches, bellyaches. could be one word. a sentence a paragraph, a whole entire book. go ahead.


speak your mind.
go ahead.

say it. wear it. be it.
on your mark…


23 responses to “Big Girl Panties Blog

  1. Thank you, Amy for the opportunity to speak openly among like-minded (?) women. Love the Barbie thing, too!

    First topic: Why is it that single men our age (I am 56) feel they have to date women in their 30’s to validate themselves? You’ve seen my photo, and I am NOT that hard to look at, and I certainly have more depth than a 30-something woman! My weekends are spent with girlfriends or grandchildren because of this societal phenomenon. Not that it’s a bad thing, but as you know, we all need companionship and SEX! What is up with these guys? Maybe it’s not just women of our age that have this experience. I could be all wrong here. Maybe it’s women pf all ages? The “He’s Just Not That Into You” syndrome? Anybody else have this experience of being single and in your mid-fifties? What to do? Computer dating is out for me. Yuck!

  2. Because men must show off to other men, and a fabulous way to do that is to show that he can still SCORE! Look at me! I’m 55 and totally scored this 32-yr-old. I’m hot! Never mind the fact that she has Daddy issues and is only dating me because I can afford to buy her dinner and diamonds! I choose to think it’s because she’s hot for my bod. And if everyone sees me with this chick (who some people think is in her 20’s, by the way, which strokes my ego to no end) then other young chicks will also be attracted to me and they will all think I have a huge schlong!

    Sorry about that. I’m not sure if I truly feel that way all the time, but it was nice to get some of that off my chest. Man, I feel better now!

  3. the name of this site sounds like fat older women. Let’s go with women who know better and have it goingon.

    • actually the name BIG GIRL PANTIES refers to women who have tremendous sex appeal and wisdom. so, i’ll go with that… but i know what you mean.

    • Not true. How many woman do you know whose divorce attoney couldn’t WAIT to get them out of the courthouse and into bed??????? That didn’t just happen on Sex and the City.

  4. I understand , but the name just doesn’t sound like sexy older women. No one uses girl’s anymore. It is a no no in the business world. Big girl sounds like a big girl in size. How about “real women – brains and more.” Just trying to say it for what it is.

  5. Hi Lisa, I happen to agree with you about real woman or even mindful woman. These are very savvy individuals who live in the real world for pleasure, life and real love. Xo,

  6. another question, querie, opinions please:

    texting during dinner?

    emailing instead of calling when in the middle of a small row or argument, especially if the person is a good friend?

    where did it go to?

  7. Agreed, intimate conversation is the way to go. That is what women are great at and always will be. Not to mention the other million or so things that we do extremely well.

  8. ditto, however, some woman are…but, some really can’t because they have a lot to hide. And ….are we so technical that we just can’t speak face to face anymore?

  9. IMHO texting during dinner is just plain rude, the same as taking a phone call. And what is all of this about arguing by text? If you don’t have the balls to say it, then don’t text it. I have had this awful experience, and texting can get a lot nastier than talking face to face. It’s really frustrating to me when someone that’s angry refuses to take a call, but will text. It seems like an immature defense mechanism.

  10. Ok I know I’m behind the blogs. this is a little to late. I will catch up to the topic.

    But IMAO

    Okay I understand what you are saying Lisa about the name, but I think what Amy was looking for is right on. Women/Girls of all shapes and sizes are sexy, beautiful and all looking for pleasure, love in the real world as Karen put it so well. I think girls/women of all shapes and sizes and all walks of life are real women with brains. Just my two cents. Love you Amy.

  11. I totally agree. Women of all ages, shapes, sizes, fat, thin, in between are real women. The problem with women some times is they even bring up this topic. Men would never do that and there in lies the difference.

  12. i don’t think men talk about a lot of things… i have another question new topic, what are we looking for in friendships, relationships … now that we’re wiser, smarter… heading toward or are in mid life?
    what are the qualities in others that you’re seeking now that you’re older?

  13. I just did a self evaluation on my life and this time in my life what I am looking for in friendship is love and compassion and humor. Someone who shares the same beliefs as me that all people should be treated equally regardless. I’m a very open minded person but at this point in my life I really do have zero tolerance for ignorance. I think I would pick someone with knowledge rather than achievements. I love imperfection and I love to laugh. Hope this makes sense.

  14. Oh, I love the name big girl panties! Because the first thing I thought of was how sometimes I say “Ok, put on your big girl pants” or “Time to grow up and put on your big kid pants” or “Grow a pair and put on your big boy pants.” I think it’s the perfect way to say “grow up and deal with your shit”

  15. Well said, getbackinline. My thoughts exactly.

  16. well said is right: grow up & deal with your shit. couldn’t have said it better!

  17. Well, I don’t agree. I asked several women at work and they thought the name did not reflect the above comments, rather sounded like a site for overweight women.

    To each his own.

    • i love that we disagree! yes yes to each his own, and how wonderful that you asked women at work…
      the saying comes from years & & years years ago, when a woman would say take off your tight girdle and BREATHE… and then put on her “regular, big girl” panties — as opposed to little girl panties. so, i think the reason i love the name is because it feels like breathing without having to hold my stomach in forever. but i completely get why someone wouldn’t like it.

  18. Isn’t freedom of speech wonderful? Today I’m grateful to be a US citizen.

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